7 Things you can do to rank your website in the first page of Google

7 Things to do to rank your site in the first page of Google

Do you know how your business would improve if you have your website on the first page of Google result ? It will significantly boost your profit. That’s why many…

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The Story behind opening Chrome Links in Gmail

Chrome Links opening in Gmail

About Google Chrome : Google Chrome was developed and released before 3 years in 2008 . Google Chrome currently works with 50+ Languages .Google Chrome is a freeware web browser…

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Google Panda - SEO Survival Tips

Google Panda – SEO Survival Tips

Google had its own search result ranking algorithm. This algorithm was changed to Google’s new Panda machine learning algorithm. This was made possible by engineer Navneet Panda and hence was…

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Kungfu Panda

How will Google’s Panda update affect your SEO ?

Google recently have been modifying its panda more frequently and some of the big blogs or websites are loosing their traffic concentrically. Look for applications has lately modified their SEO criteria…

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Google Doodle wishes Happy Holidays 2011 with Jingle bells melody !

Google, the top occurring website over web. Wherever you go, you hear, “search in google”. But why Google? They can say as ‘web’ instead of ‘google’. Google has touched the…

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