Chrome Links opening in Gmail

The Story behind opening Chrome Links in Gmail

About Google Chrome :

Google Chrome was developed and released before 3 years in 2008 . Google Chrome currently works with 50+ Languages .Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine.

Google and its services are among the plethora of impressive examples of how fast technology evolves and computer science geeks are best at recognizing it. Google Chrome didn’t even exist a few short years ago, and now it is among the top choices for browsers. Until recently, though, Gmail users were not able to open Gmail from links in Google Chrome. Now, though, users can open Chrome links in Google and send emails faster when they are browsing. Innovations such as opening Chrome links in Gmail may seem simple to the uninterested consumer, but you know that the improvement was the result of hard work and careful thought. If you want to pursue a career in computer science, an online program may help you progress.The Story behind opening Google Chrome Links in Gmail

Google Chrome Links opening in Gmail :

Your Internet browser is the program that displays content from the Internet. The browser’s job is to translate programming language from the website to a display that you can see. Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, have been around for years. They have evolved, along with the Internet, to be able to handle more and more complicated functions and commands.
Google Chrome  is a newer browser, dating back only to 2008. Google claims that its benefit is that it was initially developed for more modern uses, and does not have the bugs that Explorer and Firefox may have. People who like it say it is simpler, faster and more intuitive. The problem, though, was that Google had not enabled its mail service, Gmail, to be able to open links in Google Chrome.
Solution and Collective Sigh of Relief
Just recently, Google launched a program that allows Google Chrome users to set their own protocol handlers. This means that you when you click a “send to” link as you surf the net and want to contact a company or person, you can choose Gmail to be the default email program to open up instead of more common programs, such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Google needed to implement a version of HTML, a programming language, to allow this innovation. If you’re used to using Gmail, opening links in Gmail makes your browsing smoother and faster.
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Google Chrome , after Solving:

Google Chrome is a relatively young web browser, and the ability to open email links in the browser are newer still. If stories like these intrigue you, computer science or information technology may be the right field for you. Follow your heart and cultivate your passion for technology in your education and career, and maybe you’ll have a hand in developing an improvement that makes millions of users more efficient in their computer use. You just never know.

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  1. Google Chrome is my best browser as it opens the links very fast and this feature of opening links from Gmail is truly appreciable as it help me to work faster with so many features.

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