7 Things to do to rank your site in the first page of Google

7 Things you can do to rank your website in the first page of Google

Do you know how your business would improve if you have your website on the first page of Google result ? It will significantly boost your profit. That’s why many website owners are desperate to grab the first spot on Google result. Here are 7 things you can do to place your website on the first page of Google:

1. Add more content to your website frequently

Each time you publish a new content, it’s as if you’re saying to Google “Hey Google, I’m here!”. When publishing a new content, you automatically inform Google that there is good activity going on in your website. As a result, the spider will come to your website to index your website quickly. Indexing and ranking are two different things. You can get indexed by Google quickly, but not necessarily that your rank will be high as well. One simple way to keep pushing your rank is to add more content to your website frequently so that you keep notifying Google that you have high activity in your website.

2. Create interesting article to attract natural links

Google defines natural links as links that come to your website naturally, without your interference. It means that you are not manually place link on other websites that point to your website. Natural links have more value in Google’s perspective. The only way to attract natural links to your website is to apply a technique called link baiting. The technique is simple. You will need to create interesting article and publish it to your website. If you give high value in your article, other webmasters will naturally give their link to your article.

3. Connect your website with social media platforms

Social media becomes more common today, and there are no popular websites that aren’t utilizing the power of social media. One way to boost your website rank is to connect or integrate your website with various social media platforms. In this way, there will be surge of additional traffic coming to your website from those platforms. You should build following in social media platforms to increase your website popularity, traffic, and rank.

7 Things you can do to rank your website in the first page of Google

4. Make your website an authority in your niche

Authority websites can secure top spot on search engines very quickly, simply because those websites have the highest value in search engine’s perspective, such as Google. If you want to place your website on the first page of Google, you can build reputation and credibility for your website to make your website an authority in your niche. In this way, you can rank high easily for your keyword. Here are some ways to make your website an authority in your niche:

  • Expanding your presence online
  • Associating with higher PR and more popular websites
  • Build yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Write valuable and high quality content

5. Use SEO-friendly web design

Your website design can either boost your rank or damage your rank. SEO-friendly web design has a programming structure that allows search engines to index your website quickly and easily. There are some instances when your design will make search engines difficult to index your content. Free website design, flash website design, and website design with heavy graphics are usually not search engine friendly, so you should avoid using them on your website.

6. Have a clear navigation and site structure

Not only clear navigation and site structure will help your visitors to browse your website easily, it will also help Google spider to index your website quickly and easily. Use relevant categorization for your content so that search engines can access your content without trouble. Use sitemap to help search engine spiders to index all your website content properly. There is a good site structure that you should apply for your website. It is a pyramid structure. It will work basically like this:

  • Your home page will go to main categories
  • Your main categories will go to main sub-categories
  • Your main sub-categories will go to smaller categories
  • Your smaller categories will go to your content

7. Get links from high PR websites

The websites where you place your link will affect your website rank. For example, one link from PR8 website will win against 5 links from PR5 websites. Similarly 5 links from PR5 websites will win against 20 links from PR1 websites. So, you need to get links from high PR websites in order to boost your rank quickly. Smart internet marketers are beginning to place link on .edu websites (usually have high PR) to place their website on Google first page.

Those things can help you to raise your website rank naturally. You will see gradual improvement in your website rank. If you follow the tips properly, you will be able to dominate the first page of Google for your chosen keywords within a short time.

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