Google Doodle wishes Happy Holidays 2011 with Jingle bells melody !

Google, the top occurring website over web. Wherever you go, you hear, “search in google”. But why Google? They can say as ‘web’ instead of ‘google’. Google has touched the minds of all people not only in terms of services but also in terms of lowering the pressure on their minds. Have you ever seen a search engine which changes its logo or homepage for an even or fest?

Top Search engines like Bing, AskJeeves etc. will not. They have a static search home pages. May be, Bing changes its background for every hits but this, fortunately becomes usual to users and might expect such changes for every visit to Bing homepage. Some cool backgrounds of Bing might cool the iris of the user.

Please note that I don’t blame on Bing for such things. I just mentioned its appearance or the user interface. I love Bing as it provides results which is competitive with Google. I have also heard a nice acronym of Bing – “But It’s Not Google”.

Today, when I switched on my PC, as usual I entered google to search stuffs. I found the change in Google doodle. It was not usual. Like Les Paul, it was interactive too ! There was 6 square boxes where I have to click them all to listen to music. I heard Jingle bells music.

After the play, it displayed search results for “Happy Holidays” automatically. Will Google retain the same doodle for Christmas too? Let’s wait and see! I hope they have another one for tomorrow!

Visit the official Doodle Store:

Just watch the Happy Holidays 2011 Doodle working Video!

How the Doodle works?

The Happy Holidays 2011 doodle works with a help of a png image and a shockwave file. It also requires few java scripts for the proper playing on the webpage.

Can I download the Doodle?

The shockwave files and java scripts do not work separately but still you can find the files in your temporary files of your browser. To find your temporary files, do this:

For Windows Internet Explorer:
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\%USER_NAME%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
Windows Vista/7: C:\Users\%USER_NAME%\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

For Mozilla Firefox:
Enter the following in your address bar: about:cache
Under Disk cache device, click on “List Cache Entries”.

For Google Chrome:
Just visit: chrome://cache/

From Cache, download holiday11.swf and required image files available on there.

A  Screencast of the Doodele :

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