Google Panda – SEO Survival Tips

Google Panda - SEO Survival Tips

Google had its own search result ranking algorithm. This algorithm was changed to Google’s new Panda machine learning algorithm. This was made possible by engineer Navneet Panda and hence was named after him. In April 2011, this algorithm was used for updating Google’s algorithm present at that time. The new updated algorithm aimed at lowering the rank of low quality sites and return high quality sites to the top of the search page. A link which appears on the starting of a search result page has the most number of viewers.

Hence, this change helped the news websites and social networks to a great extend. At the same time it turned out to be a nightmare for sites promoting large-scale advertisements. This algorithm made use of artificial intelligence in a complex way which was not possible with the earlier algorithm. Google panda has an impact which focuses on an entire website rather than a webpage in that website. Panda focuses very keenly on the date of a webpage. If this date is not recent then Panda assumes the website to be of lower quality and hence deletes the website link from its search results. Thus the Google Panda plays a very important role in the life of many websites.

What is SEO and Survival Tips after Google Panda Update?

As you all might know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility via unpaid or natural search methods. SEO is an internet marketing strategy and considers about how search engine work, what people usually search for and which search engine is favored by their targeted viewers. The success of a website depends upon how easily it is found by a search engine. SEO provides various tactics SEO survival tips to websites to make it viewable. Improving a site’s content, HTML and coding so that it matches various keywords usually typed by viewers is a SEO tactic to make it searchable. Another method is to promoting a website to include more number of backlinks, which is an incoming link to a website or webpage.

A price should be offered to increase traffic onto a particular website. This will enhance the incoming traffic to the site and therefore is used as a tactic by the SEO for increasing traffic to a particular site. Avoiding duplicating of contents can help a thrashed website to come again on the top of the search results. This means one has to avoid copy pasting of contents of other websites. Failure in doing this will make Panda to get notice of such malpractice and once it finds out your website to be the culprit, the website gets flumped hard. Overuse of a particular word in the website can help Panda to put the website into the low quality column.

So beware and if your website contents have repetition of words, change it for the betterment of the website. If a website does not have what a viewer searches for, then the viewer won’t visit the site the next time. A prominent drop off in the number of viewers can increase the risk of a Panda attack. A drastic raise in the boilerplate content i.e., same contents on most pages is never advisable and can seriously affect the traffic onto the site, because a noble but strict Panda is spying on everything.


  1. My site went down after the Panda update. Its doing good again. What I am concerned is that my alexa rank is down despite of increasing visits. Also my pagerank is not good. Any tips?

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