How will Google’s Panda update affect your SEO ?

Kungfu Panda

Google recently have been modifying its panda more frequently and some of the big blogs or websites are loosing their traffic concentrically.

Look for applications has lately modified their SEO criteria with the newest Panda bring up to date. They have updated their changes in US and it has designed disputes and damage in the world wide web market. Now the concern is, how will this modify impact your website SEO.
Kungfu Panda

A big concern mark !

As told by google that it makes about 500 changes in its Google panda algorithm every year so these updates can come how effect you. People try to use spammy methods to built up their links this has also been seen by google and it will not be entertained by them any more.

There have been some private accidents in the US such as Conspiracy of Mac (which is a site that talks about about Mac) and other apparently simple websites that do not exercise information gardening at all.

The concern we need to ask ourselves is ‘if there have indeed been any private accidents, what are the possibilities that I might be one of them when the modify it next time’ The larger concern you need to ask yourself is, ‘how does this modify impact my website SEO?’

What is the Objective of Google Panda ?

The modify is integrated to be able to get rid of ‘low quality’ information, or in other terms, spammy information trying to list in the the search engines. You have to realize that Look for applications is only trying its best in removing outcomes that are not appropriate or not useful because its customers have expected it.

Google Panda Kicking

The Panda bring up to date has influenced websites like Mahalo, Article dashboard, Wisegeek and a lot of other websites. I was individually amazed that Enzine Article dashboard was influenced because they do look over and modify their information (they even decline some) – although perhaps quite often. Now they said that will certainly be more demanding with the information they are recognizing.


  1. for me, after seeing the comparison with previous years, no less a significant change in this SEO Panda. I saw the change is more focused on the removal of content that is not qualified in Google SERP, so focus on the quality of content to be the most important

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