newbie blogger

6 Important things to know as a Newbie blogger

6 Important things to know as a Newbie blogger Starting a blog and earning with it is really an awesome job. Most of the bloggers trust Google for making money…

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accept or reject friend requests in bulk

How to: Bulk Accept or Reject Friend Request on Facebook

Facebook has become the largest social networking site where most of the people in the world have an account in it. The basic fun in a social networking site is…

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5 Methods to Reset BIOS Password and System will Halt [SOLVED]

Any user, to make their portable computer safe from theft, they need to set a password. A normal computer user will always set Windows Password to protect his computer. However,…

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Play Station 4

[Leaked] Specifications of PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 : Gaming is the most enjoyable stuff that we used to have in this technological world. It kills our boredom quickly. Makes us to feel enthusiastic. When we…

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Fix minor issues: Download PS3 System Software update v4.11

Sony PlayStation 3 is the most popular gaming system which kills most of the peoples boredom. PS3 is mostly used in the countries like United States and United Kingdom. However,…

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