6 Important things to know as a Newbie blogger

newbie blogger

6 Important things to know as a Newbie blogger

Starting a blog and earning with it is really an awesome job. Most of the bloggers trust Google for making money with their blogging. A good blogger doesn’t always blog for money. He does the job faithfully. He’ll write his own quality posts. Adsense gives credits to a blogger, that’s it. A newbie blogger must follow six basic tips to make his blog a successful one.

This article can help newbie bloggers for getting better traffic and making the blog popular. Some blog advices and blogging advices are given below to make your blogging career a successful one.

Original article:

Most of the newbie bloggers copy articles and paste to their blog. They just want to make money out of blogging. You must always remember that Blogging won’t end up in success or fulfill your aim if you copy the contents. Write articles on your own and reap.

Search Engine Optimization:

A newbie blogger who starts blog will find this as a new. But it’s a must to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is must to know working or functionality of search engines. A person who is new to blogging must always know how a search engine works and how it brings search results out of the numerous web pages available on World Wide Web.


Ranking system is just to see whether how a site is popular on Web. Mostly people recommend Google’s Page Rank and Amazon’s Alexa Ranging system. Alexa ranking will be based on popularity of your blog on certain country and also number of sites that are linked to this blog, counts in Alexa Ranking system. Whereas, the Google Page Rank will be based on backlinks found on other sites, originality of the content and how much your site is popular for search queries. Backlinks can be done by guest Blogging or blog commenting.

Guest Blogging:

In order to build links for the site and to get a better page rank from Google and Alexa bloggers use to do guest post with a link connecting to his site. Guest blogging can create a mutual relationship between bloggers. Mostly, sites which accept guest posts will provide a dofollow link for the post author.

Site Properties:

I am sure, newbie bloggers will be more concern about this. To attract visitors, you must use attractive themes and pictures. Over usage of pictures or objects may slow down your site’s speed. This will affect much on SEO.

Support: Whatever the articles you write, there must be proper response of the comment made by the visitors. If you post about any tutorials for example, you must be in a position to resolve the error made by the visitor. Remember, a visitor is more precious to us. When you reply to your visitor, he/she will find your blog much awesome and become your reader.

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  1. newbie blogger must aware of spams getting in their inbox, must be aware of seo tools and must be aware of his backlinking strategies like blog commenting, all this ensure his/her blogging career

    and one this must he must be properly motivated to do blogging for passion not money, cos blogging needs patience

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