Google Doodle wishes Happy Holidays 2011 with Jingle bells melody !

Google, the top occurring website over web. Wherever you go, you hear, “search in google”. But why Google? They can say as ‘web’ instead of ‘google’. Google has touched the…

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Delete Facebook Messages Instantly

How to delete all messages in Facebook Instantly ?

We Facebook daily. We chat frequently. We message occasionally. Now-a-days, all have got the feature of integrated chat and message feature. So, all our chat messages goes as a message…

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DLL Files Missing in Windows . Download Here

DLL files missing on Windows? Download here

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a type of file present in windows operating systems for the execution for windows executable (EXE) Applications. DLL files contains functions of parameters that can…

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Facebook Freezer

Prank your friends by inserting HTML Form in your Facebook Status

You might have seen some of your friends doing cool tricks on Facebook. Sometimes they don’t reveal the secret of performing the trick. Here, in this tutorial, I will show…

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