5 Methods to Reset BIOS Password and System will Halt [SOLVED]


Any user, to make their portable computer safe from theft, they need to set a password. A normal computer user will always set Windows Password to protect his computer. However, it creates a question on our mind, that what if a thief removes the Windows operating system. As an answer to this, we might set a BIOS password which doesn’t make any other people to change BIOS settings. Sometimes, people forget the BIOS password and unfortunately, when a situation arises to re-install their operating system, they won’t be able to change their boot settings. There arise a situation to reset BIOS password. People with Acer laptops, mostly of Aspire series, face this issue of System will halt, follow the below methods to rest your BIOS password.

It is always recommended to know how to act when your BIOS password is lost. Here are some the ways with which you can bypass/ recover BIOS password. The recovery and bypassing the BIOS password depends on the version of the BIOS and the hardware.


Discharging the Battery Completely:

First and foremost thing to do when you forget your password is, opening the case of your computer. If you are using a personal computer then, it becomes much easier to discharge the battery. Just remove the CMOS Battery and leave it outside for few minutes until the charge gets down completely. In other case, if you are using a portable computer like Laptop or Netbook then you need to remove the back case and you will have to remove the jumper connected to the battery. Leave the jumper disconnected for sometime and after sometime connect the jumper to its position.

Bypass using Master Password:

Some of the computer maker like Lenovo, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and more have provided a master password so that when you forget your BIOS password it is much easier to use your computer. The computer maker will be having the Master Password. It can be got by contacting the customer support by telling the error code (commonly known as hash code) received when you enter a wrong password. Some of the third party websites also provides a feature to get the master password.

Flashing the BIOS:

Flashing means, upgrading the BIOS version. Recently, my Netbook showed an error like, “Password Check Fail!! Press any key” and after three attempts, it said “System will halt!! Press any key”. I felt that my password was correct as my Netbook was working fine till last night. My Netbook didn’t contained any jumper or a better at the back inside the case. Upgrading the BIOS solved the problem. After Flashing the BIOS, my Netbook worked fine.

Reset BIOS Password by using Software:

Computers that run Windows Operating System will have a better option to reset BIOS password using software. A popular software, “BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery Tool” can help you in recovering the BIOS password. When you boot your computer with the CD provided by that software company, you can recover the BIOS password. It’s a low cost software to recover your BIOS password. There are also free software to recover BIOS password. CmosPWD is a freeware that can be used to reset your BIOS password.

Replacing the BIOS chip:

If the above methods doesn’t works, then you have to replace the BIOS chip which may cost around $20. For this, you may have to contact your seller.

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