[Leaked] Specifications of PlayStation 4

Play Station 4

PlayStation 4 :

Gaming is the most enjoyable stuff that we used to have in this technological world. It kills our boredom quickly. Makes us to feel enthusiastic. When we dig up the history, we used a video game which was handy that provided a brick game, a shooting game and a snake game. However it was fun. It used only a mono display screen. Don’t Remember? See the picture below:
When this was used, we even take it where ever like today’s mobile phone! Technology converted it. It made into a normal video game which used a chip as a game cassette then PlayStations and xBoxes evolved. Today we play with awesome graphics with great environment.
PlayStation 4

PlayStations is a very good innovation that was made in this world. We have used PlayStation 1, 2 and 3. But you may expect the version 4 of the PlayStation. However, the first model has been already launched in other countries like Japan, North America, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is yet to be released in other countries like Russia, India and more.

Playstation 4 Specifications :

  • It can support Holographic Disc (HVD) for gameplay.
  • Audio quality is good which contains lossless 9.1 channel.
  • It is said that the PlayStation 4 model comes with 250 GB to 1 TB storage and also the speed of storage is high i.e. 6 Gb/s.
  • It facilitates full deep color with a display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.
  • It also contains external space for adding memory like flash drives and USB ports.
  • It contains RAM of 1 GB DDR4.
  • It facilitates controls like wireless, vibration, Motion Sense (3D), Wind and Shock.
  • It contains fastest USB 3.0 , Bluetooth 3.0, WHDI and TransferJet.
  • It provides 100 Gbit Ethernet wired and also supports WiFi connections.

It supports video formats like .mpg or .mpeg, .m2v, .mp4, .avi, .divx, .wmv, .mts and .m2ts.

No announcement has been made officially for the Pre Order of the PlayStation 4

Well, Do you like such configurations in the upcoming PlayStation 4 ?

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The Post PlayStation 4 was written by Arjun Rajendran .


  1. Sounds nice, but rather shallow.
    Most of them will most likely be the case, though I really like the specs!

    Anyways, no PS4 announcement for now, Sony will be focussing on the PS Vita and PS3 for the coming period..

  2. Your right gaming is the most enjoyable stuff in living. I don’t have play station 4 at home that is why I do not know the leaked specifications of the game. Perhaps, the inventor didn’t want to have such humors and leaked about its product. Also, all of the gaming materials have disadvantages to human being.

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