Fix minor issues: Download PS3 System Software update v4.11

Sony PlayStation 3 is the most popular gaming system which kills most of the peoples boredom. PS3 is mostly used in the countries like United States and United Kingdom. However, Sony provides support for PlayStation in other countries too. Whenever we hear about a System Software update, we may expect it must fix issues that is caused on its previous versions. We’d also expect, a System Software update must provide us a stable update. The newer version of the update must provide some speed in using PlayStation3.

Recently, an article on United States’ PlayStation Blog about release of PlayStation 3 Firmware update v4.11. But it was said that the update is not compulsory and it is not required to connect to PlayStation Network for downloading it. You can get it directly by using System Update option available in Settings column on the XMB.

Why this update is optional?
Firmware update v4.11 is optional to the users as it fixes minor issues in the previous versions updates. It improves some of the aspects of system software. Release of the version is related to release of PlayStation’s Vita which is scheduled to be released on February 22, 2012 at United States and Canada.

Do they differ from previous versions?
Yes, they do. Previous System Software update v4.10 improved the PlayStation 3’s Web Browser and also changed the name PlayStation Network (PSN) to Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). This version, 4.11 is made in such a way that it fixes issues that contained in v4.10.

Sony announces that this Software update is not mandatory but some users wanted to fix such issues and want to run a error free and flawless System.

Share you thoughts on this update and also if you have any bugs on previous versions, you can share those things too.

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