iPad Pro

Your iPad Pro needs a Protective Skin?

The iPad Pro isn’t known for being a lightweight. At 713 grams and 12 by 8.68 inches, it’s a megalith of a device. But its gigantic size allows for its…

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iPad Keyboard

Top 5 Benefits of Using an iPad Keyboard

If you are like many iPad users, you may get frustrated trying to write using the iPad built-in touch screen or experience pain in your wrist or hands after extended…

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Android Tablets vs iPads

6 Reasons to choose Android Tablets over Apple iPads

No doubt Apple had introduced tablets to world three years back, but other leading operating system later entered the market. Windows, Blackberry and Android launched their own tablets in collaboration…

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iPad iPhones 128GB

iPhone and iPad come in Capacities up to 128GB

Good news for the Apple product fanatics. Reports have it that iPhone and iPad will soon be available in 128 GB on February 5 as reported in Rappler.com. The same…

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iPad Mobile Learning

Role of iPad in Mobile Learning

The iPad has proven to be the most important gadget for people around the world ever since it was reintroduced in the market in 2007. It is marketed and designed…

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