Role of iPad in Mobile Learning

iPad Mobile Learning

The iPad has proven to be the most important gadget for people around the world ever since it was reintroduced in the market in 2007. It is marketed and designed by the Apple Inc. The iPad was designed for making work easier and simple according to Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. He said this during the launch of the first tablet computer in 1983. He also exclaimed that computers should be built to assist individuals learn within twenty minutes as one carries it around. It is for this reason that this generation has decided to have the iPad as a form of learning tool. When it was introduced into the market, it had features for video shooting, music playing, taking photos, browsing the web and sending and receiving emails. With time, other features were included to suit the clientele of the device. They include references, games, social networking and GPS navigation. Recently, the company realized that majority of the people that were interested in using the iPad were students. This made them come up with features that are essential for learning.

iPad Mobile Learning

Physical features that assist in learning 

The question that comes in the back of the mind of parents is the reason why the child might want an iPad for learning while there are books and laptops. Students look for three features that are in iPads and not found in laptops. These features are found in the external keyboards and make typing and learning easy for the students. The first feature is long battery life, which can go up to ten hours. This makes it convenient for a life of a student who would want to learn while travelling or out in a place without electricity easily without worrying about being interrupted. The second feature is health related. The external keyboard is said to be ergonomic which helps in the posture while using it. Laptops have their keyboards attached to them and thus there is no movement or proper positioning of the body. The other physical feature is comfort. People who want to have mobile learning always want things that will be comfortable no matter whey there are. The best thing about the external keyboards is the fact that it does not get hot as compared to laptops and CPUs.

Application to enable learning

The applications found in the iPad make the learning process easier. iStudiez Pro App, for instance, makes it easy to organize the courses,  keep up with assignments and meetings. The application makes it easy to add the timetable and class times. It can also accommodate the recognition for dates and schedules for assignments submission, exam dates and class times. Mobile students are sometimes caught up in different situations. However, the app is applicable in their daily lives, as they will be reminded on the progress of class work. They will also have time to know when to schedule their journey and submit their work so that the two should not coincide.
Athlete students or part time students who learn and work at the same time have a lot to celebrate when it comes to working with the iPad. Now, they can learn while travelling at the same time. Athletes are a good example as they are expected to be training  in order to be fit as well as continue learning. Therefore, the iPad used for learning is the best tool that the company has ever created.

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