6 Reasons to choose Android Tablets over Apple iPads

Android Tablets vs iPads

No doubt Apple had introduced tablets to world three years back, but other leading operating system later entered the market. Windows, Blackberry and Android launched their own tablets in collaboration with hardware companies like Samsung, ASUS and Sony. In last 6-7 months Android picked up the Tablet sales market. Android 4.0, Jelly Bean, gained lot of positive response from users. It was a vast improvement from Ice cream Sandwich with much better smoothness and functionality.

Android Tablets vs iPads

With time lot of users realized that Android was a better operating system for tablets than Apple. Though both the Android and Apple can do same things but there are various reasons why an Android tablet is more appealing to masses. Though there are people who are absolutely biased for Apple and won’t have any justifiable reason to opt for Apple. They have been using Apple products and have got comfortable with its regime in their house. But I will suggest some of the top reason why to opt out of Apple and give a fair chance to Android. Here are top 6 reasons to opt for an Apple Tablet:


There are no two options that iPad is much more costly than an Android tablet. With limited options in iPad, it is not in reach for general mass. Android is free of cost Operating system, thus the devices are much cheaper. There are more options with different screen size, operating ability and memory storage.


Android tablets have dual core and quad core processors, thus have more power to handle multitasking and background apps. Apple is yet to master this ability of multitasking. This makes the tablet run the apps much faster and better.


Since Apple works on the concept of not opening the instrument, the battery cannot be changed. As long as iPad is in warranty, you can replace it free of cost, but once out of warranty, even a minor issue like weak battery cannot be resolved by oneself.

Google Play

Google Play does not require syncing unlike iTunes. Almost 60-70% of apps are almost free on Google Play while Apple serves only 30% free apps. Thus even after initial costing, iPad will keep costing you much more with every app you would want to download. Google also offers cloud storage and backup services enabling you to never lose your data even if you ever lose your tablet.


With Android there are so many options of buying a tablet. You may opt for a tablet just as a e-reader, thus less of budget. You can also buy a tablet with full office features and fast processor for conditions where you would want to do office work from home or while travelling. There are Android tablets with various resolutions of camera, screen size and even option of expanding the memory.


Apple iOS is very restricted when compared with Android OS. On Android you can create your own kernels and emulate old school games. There are various emulation apps available on Google Play. But, you can’t expect this in Apple Products.

Author Bio: Moxie Parham is a online store owner that deals in cheap tablet pcs, android phones and their accessories. She also earns passive income by writing on various blogs on Android OS. Anyway, am clear, my vote goes to Android tablets. Choice is yours, decide whether Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.


  1. Personally, for tablet, iPad is much better. Any Android tablet is just not on par with iPad. However, for smartphone, yes. Android got some great phones.

  2. Valid points.Thanks for sharing this with us.Yes I totally agree with your points. I would Android is better when compared to iPhone as you can see this with the increase in number of users by the past few years. Android apps are more user friendly and cost effective.

  3. A few things mentioned above Ipads are more than capable of doing for example you can easily jailbreak and get your emulators they also use icloud which enables you to back up your device .

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