Your iPad Pro needs a Protective Skin?

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro isn’t known for being a lightweight. At 713 grams and 12 by 8.68 inches, it’s a megalith of a device. But its gigantic size allows for its 12.9 inch LED-backlit Mutli-Touch display—a display that’s 80% larger than the one in the slim Air 2. Behind that sits Apple’s most powerful A9X chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture. In layman’s terms that means the Pro isn’t just bigger than the Air, it’s 1.8 times faster with better graphics. It’s called the ‘pro’ for a reason. With more built-in apps and better computing abilities, it can do more than any other iPad.

Great Power comes in Bigger Package

Unfortunately, what makes it so different from the other iPads is also one of the few complaints people have about the Pro. If you’ve already used yours out and about, then you probably know the one.

It’s too big! The sheer size of the Pro makes it incredibly unwieldy to use and doesn’t lend itself to portable use. It isn’t the Mini, which sits comfortably in one hand as you hold your coffee in the other. For the Pro, your hands need to be at 10 and 2 in order for you to use it without dropping it.

Mass Attracts Disaster

If you’re a risk taker, then you regularly use your Pro without the help of a convenient desk or stand to rest it against. The way you ‘yolo’ is by holding your Pro in one hand as you take the stairs—or some equally as precarious activity. Chances are your risk-taking behaviour is going to result in disaster. There’s only so long before the sleek and smooth aluminum body will slip right out of your hands. When that happens, the probability of your screen shattering is high.

iPad Pro

Think a ruined iPad is only for those who carelessly yolo on the stairs? Think again. Free falls and shattered screens aren’t the only things that can damage your device. A larger iPad also means there’s more surface area for possible disasters to scuff, scrape, and otherwise mark up your precious device. These marks can happen to even the most careful iPad owner in the world. A simple sharp object or rough surface can completely destroy the sleek, modern lines of the Pro

Skins Put The Pro In Protection

You didn’t buy your iPad only for something as simple as a set of keys ruining your Pro, so it’s time that you turn to a reliable form of protection to save yourself from such a fate. A top-quality 3M vinyl Pro skin is the best way to protect your investment. It applies easily and seamlessly to your Pro and protects every square inch of the iPad, save for the sensitive touchscreen. The vinyl acts like a second skin of the device, so it absorbs the shock of sharp objects and rough surfaces, preventing against scuffs, scratches, and gouges from taking a bite out of your iPad.

An iPad Pro skin also has a unique texture that offsets the effect of oil from your hands, keeping the Pro’s buttons and backing grime-free. This texture also make your Pro easier to keep a hold of, as the vinyl used in iPad skins is one your hands naturally want to grip—reducing the chances of you dropping your Pro to its death.

Customize Your Defense

The great thing about a Pro skin is that it’s 100% customizable. You won’t be wrapping your iPad with crude black vinyl. The vinyl used in better made iPad skins has been engineered with style in mind, so you can get protection in the form of gorgeous design. Go online to check out these iPad Pro skins and see what kind of colors and textures you have in store. You can create a monochrome design or arrange a complementary color scheme to best suit your personality. There are leather and wood textures that can instantly add sophistication to your device; or you can opt for a metallic skin that’s in-line with Apple’s minimalist design.

iPad Pro

It doesn’t matter what you choose, so long as you get an iPad Pro skin. It’s just the smart choice when you have a giant iPad. The large and in charge Pro needs a little extra help, so pad it out with a durable, cool skin and save yourself the trauma of ruining your iPad.

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