iPhone and iPad come in Capacities up to 128GB

iPad iPhones 128GB

Good news for the Apple product fanatics. Reports have it that iPhone and iPad will soon be available in 128 GB on February 5 as reported in Rappler.com. The same report was confirmed by Chris Forseman of Wired.co.uk citing that “iNeal,” an iOS developer made a tweet about the release of the 128 GB configuration for the iOS 6.1. This flash storage upgrade will be available on iPad and iPhone soon. This is indeed good news among technology consumers who could not seem to get enough of the current 64 GB storage capacity on their gadgets after they max out their memory with so many applications and media files that they can store from these Apple tech products.

With a larger flash drive capacity, Apple product users will soon enjoy better storage memories to keep more applications stored on their mobile device. Apple has prided itself in developing its latest “s” models. From the 16 GB to 32 GB storage capacity from its iPhone 3GS, it raised its storage capacity up to 64 GB upon its release of the iPhone 4S. Rumors have it that Apple will gear up in releasing its future iPhone 5s with bigger memory capacity at 128 GB later this year. This is likely a logical pattern of the successive iPhone generation releases. The price for the iPhone with the upgraded storage capacity remains unknown.

iPad iPhones 128GB
iPad iPhones 128GB

Likewise reported earlier was the possible release of the fourth generation of iPad that will probably house a 128 GB memory storage capacity. This leaked news  was finally confirmed. According to the C|Net News, Apple recently announced the release of its latest Apple iPad product that is optimized with a 128 GB capacity at a whopping price of $799! Another version of this device which is cellular enabled will be available at $929. This high-end cellular enabled iPad generation will be carried by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Nextel. Apple retains the traditional feature of the iPad with its A6X processor and high definition camera for Face Time. There is no upgrade on the retina display that remains to be 9.7 inches.

Apple is gearing towards attracting business people to use the new generations of iPad for professional use. With a higher capacity memory storage, the device is optimized to support business related use and other data intensive materials that are commonly for business use. With the 128 GB upgrade, the iPad can support project blueprints, 3D CAD files, music tracks and editing of films as among others. Apple continues to dominate the tablet market but other companies are trying to keep up with the competitive technology market by making available low priced tablets among the consumers. However, with the consistent upgrades of Apple on their products, there is no wonder why they are taking the lead in the tablet and Smartphone markets.

Many are now wondering, iPhone and iPad get an upgrade on its memory storage, so what about the Apple iPod Touch? There is no indication as of the moment whether it will be graced with the 128 GB capacity. With the ultra thin design of the device, it is unlikely that it could accommodate the extra chips needed to introduce the added memory storage.

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