Top 5 Benefits of Using an iPad Keyboard

iPad Keyboard

If you are like many iPad users, you may get frustrated trying to write using the iPad built-in touch screen or experience pain in your wrist or hands after extended use—which is why an External iPad keyboard can be a godsend for many.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

According to an article in the Sun, doctors report treating iPad and iPhone users for repetitive strain injuries. In the report, users complained about an “ache” after operating the iPad for a period of time. Such repetitive strain injuries are a common for users of high tech devices. Having to hold a device and type with one or two fingers creates additional strain on your muscles. Even on larger devices like iPad, using the built-in keyboard can often put your arms in a bad position that encourages repetitive strain injuries.

One user gave up using her iPad for a while because the pain became so debilitating. Then, something interesting happened: she decided to try changing her workstation and adding an ergonomic keyboard and the pain went away. While there is still only a small amount of research on the benefits of using keyboards compared with using touchscreens, the study supports the idea that using an iPad keyboard dock can help you avoid repetitive strain injuries, especially if you choose an ergonomic keyboard.

iPad Keyboard


Save Time

Using an external iPad keyboard saves an incredible amount of time. Even with small fingers, it terribly difficult to type accurately without an external keyboard. Many people also waste time deleting errors and retyping than they do when they use an external keyboard. It is also more uncomfortable to use the built-in keyboard and that slows down progress as well, because often, one has to stop and flex fingers or shake the hand out so it doesn’t cramp up.

Tip: You can use an iPad Keyboard case or iPad Keyboard cover to protect it too!

Typing in Multiple Languages

For anyone that uses more than one language an external keyboard for your iPad is invaluable. Many can type their home language in their sleep and don’t need to be able to see the full keyboard but for those working in multiple languages it always easier to be able to see the characters of the non-native language on the keyboard. It is also easier to switch between languages using an external keyboard with your iPad. You only need to tap the Command and Space bar keys simultaneously, and you will switch to your other activated keyboard language.


There are several apps that also work better with a keyboard. Generally, all productivity apps are much easier to use with an external keyboard. Apps like pages, numbers and keynote all work better and with an external keyboard you see more of the actual document you are working on. Using an external keyboard also enables some hidden features on the apps that you can’t use without the keyboard.

HTML, CSS and Special Characters

An external keyboard saves a huge amount of time if you use a lot of extra characters on your iPad or you want to type HTML or CSS code. It enables you to type slash, brackets, carets and other characters naturally, in the same way you do on your computer. Both OS X and iOS include support for tons of special characters with special shortcuts and all of those shortcuts work on a iPad Keyboard.

Using an external keyboard with an iPad saves you a lot of time, increases your productivity, helps reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injuries, and makes using your iPad more pleasant. So, is it worth getting an external keyboard for your iPad? If you use your iPad for any kind of content production, then an external keyboard is a must. You would have decided whether it is needed or not from this iPad Keyboard review. Well, if it comes to buying, you can buy it at Amazon or BestBuy.

So, what’s your final thought? Gonna buy iPad Keyboard for extreme comfort? Comment below! Hope you enjoyed the iPad Keyboard review.

About the Author: Douglas Carmichael is a freelance technology blogger who writes for a handful of tech sources online – he suggests taking a look at the Bluetooth keyboard selection on if you’re looking to pick one up for your tablet.

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