Wireless Charging is the Next Big Thing

Wireless charging technology usually uses electromagnetic field as its base to transfer power to other devices without any physical contact with the same, and it is usually known as inductive…

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Apple Smartwatch

Evolution of Wearables in Healthcare

Being past the computer era, followed by phones and tablets, and now we’re witnessing the growth of wearable, and other technology accessories. As we know, wearables will the next big…

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GPS Running Watch

Benefits of having a Tech Workout

Working out is not always fun, but it is a necessity for those who want to improve their lives or who are working to attain a specific goal, such as…

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Google Glass 2014

Much Awaited: Tech Gadgets to be Unveiled in 2014

If you have a look at the gadgets unveiled this year, you will find that technology has been speeding up quite well. A good number of amazing high end devices…

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Why is it Important to Recycle Technology?

When most people think of recycling, technology isn’t one of the areas that often come to mind. Yet recycling technology is rather important; and for a variety of reasons. If…

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