Why is it Important to Recycle Technology?


When most people think of recycling, technology isn’t one of the areas that often come to mind. Yet recycling technology is rather important; and for a variety of reasons.

If you have any old technology, such as mobile phones and other gadgets, it’s important to understand the benefits gained from the likes of mobile phone recycling; both for you as an individual and for everyone else.

Re-using items

The biggest advantage of recycling technology is that it simply makes use of technology that you no longer use. Just because you don’t use it any more, doesn’t mean that it isn’t entirely usable.

There are two ways this is achieved. One is to simply sell it on. There’s a big interest in second-hand technology, as not everyone can afford a brand new phone or gadget. Giving up your unwanted goods is an easy way to replenish this market and give more people access to modern technology.


Secondly, there are always instances where something which no longer performs its intended function can be used for another use. With technology, the usable life span can often be surprisingly short and recycling mobile phones and other gadgets to harvest useable parts becomes a viable option.

This is the most rudimentary and primary form of recycling. An old phone or laptop is made up of various electrical components and materials that are still used elsewhere in the world of technology. Harvesting them ensures nothing is needlessly wasted and this is beneficial both for consumers and for the environment.

Cash rewards

As a final incentive, you can also get paid for going to the effort of recycling your technology. It’s not even that much of an effort on your part. After scanning items online using services such as Music Magpie, you need only send them off in a free post envelope which is supplied to you. Then it’s simply a case of waiting for your money; the whole process doesn’t cost you a penny. In this way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What can you recycle?

You may even be surprised at the amount of technology that you can recycle. The number of gadgets left lying around in the typical home is astounding and all of these good be used to generate money.

It’s all too easy to collect old phones and technology and not do anything with them once you stop using them. In many cases, they sit unused and forgotten about for years. A quick search in your home may find various pieces of technology just like this; each one a potential cash reward if you simply recycle it rather than leaving it to collect dust in your home.

It’s a simple transaction of turning your unwanted goods into cash whilst ensuring that no electronic components or gadgets are needlessly wasted. From cutting down on waste to clearing space in your home and boosting your finances, the benefits of recycling gadgets are plentiful.

As a dedicated provider of mobile phone recycling, Music Magpie helps the environment and consumers alike by providing cash sums for unwanted electronic devices and digital media. 

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