Evolution of Wearables in Healthcare

Apple Smartwatch

Being past the computer era, followed by phones and tablets, and now we’re witnessing the growth of wearable, and other technology accessories. As we know, wearables will the next big thing, having the advantages of so small in size, yet not so powerful, but just enough to satisfy the necessary needs. Potential of wearables is so high, they can be implemented with real world applications to make our life simpler. Nowadays, fitness bands or smart watches are starting to become common, hope that in near to two to three years, there’d be one wearable atleast in each home, and later maybe it’d be a must have, and almost all homes would have it in addition to their existing laptops, phones.

Having the fact of rapid growth of wearables, like apps for phone, apps for wearable and development of apps for wearables are also in progress. Smart watches can take a picture, control your music, track your fitness progress. These wearables can be even more made specifically for monitoring our health, the thing everyone ultimately cares for. Samsung devices now possess heart beat tracking apps, similarly, even more apps will be made for the field of medics and health. And since wearable is a thing, which will be in contact with our body, the opportunities that can be achieved with it is quite high. Below is an infographic depicting the usage and scope of wearables in healthcare.


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