Wireless Charging is the Next Big Thing


Wireless charging technology usually uses electromagnetic field as its base to transfer power to other devices without any physical contact with the same, and it is usually known as inductive charging. The charging is usually done with the help of charging station where the device with the receiver is placed on the or above the coil to transfer energy to other devices.

So how does it work:

Electric current flows through the primary coil located in the charging station to the secondary coil or the device with the receiver. When they are coupled together, energy transfers and that current will charge the battery. However, inductive charging is not the only wireless charging technology available

Radio frequency wireless power technology:

This technology uses the electrical energy from one power source to an electrical load or a consumer device or simply put a place to store the energy. The radio frequency wireless power technology uses the help of radio frequencies transmitted through a wireless charger to the receiver. This technology has limited field which means it as smaller range of transfer. So the device and the coil i.e. transmitter and the receiver has to be present close to each other so as to transfer effective energy from one to another.  But the alignment doesn’t matter here. So no matter how you place the device, there will be transfer of energy.


About humavox:

Humavox is a passionate team who took their goal & every possible methods to create effective and efficient wireless charging. They find every possible way where people can experience hassle free wireless charging. And not just it, they also work on ways where people can charge their devices and chargers that blend into our atmosphere/nature. They call their wireless charging platform “ETERNA“. It is implemented through charging docks/stations that fits into our day to day instinctive habits and receivers that fit into the smallest things.

Their products/innovations:

  • Thunderlink

ETERNA is one of the smallest wireless charging receiver available right now and it’s so small that it can fit into the smallest places. The receiver is so small that it is smaller than the quarter of a dollar coin. By this technology, you can even power up the devices without the receiver. This gives an option to all devices without the wireless charging feature.


  • NEST

NEST looks like a case, bowl, box or something that is covered on all four sides. This blends with the looks. For example, we put some electronic device into a case or bowl or whatsoever. NEST blends into it and it has no restrictions. In the sense that it can be of any design. Any shape which is 100% customization.


  • Realtime charging optimizer

This is like a overlooking device for Humavox products. For example you put multiple electronic devices with the Thunderlink receiver into the nest. So there will be different power requirements for different devices. This is managed by the real time charging optimizer. It manages the energy transmission required by each device and that can be controlled over with the help of the optimizer.

With all of the three products, everything is different. Nothing is the same anymore.

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