boot netbook using USB

Boot your Netbook using USB

The Netbook market is going strong because these ultra potable laptops are extremely attractive to college students and business individuals. You won’t only find this laptop affordable, but also very…

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Windows 8

Explore Windows 8 For A Smoother Use!

Windows 8 proved not to be a choice of users, contrary to the expectations. Why? Users were truly excited about its launch and release. However, they couldn’t stick to it…

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Trend of the Next Generation Computing

It is really difficult for most of us to ignore the vibe of change and advancement in information technology, especially when it comes as part of almost every aspect of…

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New Laptop Features to Look Forward to in 2013

From small Ultrabooks to various types of gaming behemoths, the following new laptops and their desirable new features should be carefully scrutinized in 2013. These new items are considered as…

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Graphics Card – Choose the Best one for Your Gaming Computer

For those of you who are venturing into the life of a system builder, you are probably looking into the components you will need in order to build your first…

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