New Laptop Features to Look Forward to in 2013


From small Ultrabooks to various types of gaming behemoths, the following new laptops and their desirable new features should be carefully scrutinized in 2013. These new items are considered as the most anticipated portables that will be hitting the personal computer market this year. For those who haven’t spent some time in reading through the laptop pages, you cannot possibly know what you are missing. A plethora of feature packed, fascinating, and fast portable personal computers are now being introduced in the market. These come in various categories, and these items are really a breath of fresh air.

The public release of Windows 8 made it possible for people to experience the new wave of using ultrabook convertibles. If you’re into using the best forms of convertible laptops and touch-screen displays, then you will certainly love the updated features that these laptops can provide. In addition to this, the laptops are also packed with shape-shifting designs that will continue to surprise the user thereof. These items can easily be transformed through hinges, flipped, folded, and twisted. True enough, these latest innovations are sending a clear and loud message to the entire IT industry.

Hybrids and Ultrabooks with Matching Retina Display

The Apple MacBook Pro is convenient for individuals who earn their living through using the best visuals. This product comes with the best retina display, a special feature that can appropriately handle the pixels of a large screen monitor. With its retina display that has a high resolution, dual thunderbolt ports, and flash storage, this type of high end ultraportable is definitely a must have for your graphics arts set.

The 3347-4HU Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

The first thing that you’ll notice about this ThinkPad Twist is its specialized swinging screen which can twist around. This convertible ultrabook is one of the best laptops that can likewise function as a tablet. Hence, whether you prefer using the ultrabook mode or the tablet, you will surely appreciate this gadget’s 12.5 inch IPS display. This particular feature is convenient on the user’s eyes, and is surely a great match for users that are looking forward to using the laptop for an extensive period.

The Yoga 13 Lenovo IdeaPad

Thanks to the gadget’s intuitive and elegant hinge mechanism, it is now considered as one of the most excellent when it comes to laptop-to-tablet transition mechanics. Most hybrids are not packed with the right features, but this IdeaPad has it all. Therefore, it will no longer come with a bombshell that this flexible system can effortlessly blend well with Windows 8. It has the right touch screen features, and it can deliver the functions that each and every user would love to have on their laptops. If you wish to be satisfied both in gaming and working, then this is the right brand that you can use.

Dell XPS 12

The Dell XPS 12 is a cool hybrid ultrabook that can easily be flipped and folded depending on the requirements of the user. These features certainly provide priority to usability and comfort by effectively combining the best and most comfortable keypad and ultrabook grade features with the functionality of a tablet. This will certainly provide the user with a one of a kind experience with their Windows 8.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580

If you are still searching for a robust replacement for your desktop, then this latest offer from Lenovo is the right brand that you should have. It has the following features that are considered unique in nature: multimedia capabilities, exceptional gaming features, built in blu ray player, and dazzling screen. When you’re already using these features, you’ll surely wonder as to what kept you glued to the usual desktop.

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