Trend of the Next Generation Computing


It is really difficult for most of us to ignore the vibe of change and advancement in information technology, especially when it comes as part of almost every aspect of our life. The way we live and the definition of our living are now being shaped and defined by the processing power and computational capacity of computer and similar other intelligent devices. Even, the processing capacity and speed of some smart phones in our pocket are more powerful than some high configured computers during early computing era. We are now experiencing a rapid change in capacity and capability of modern computing technology. Sometimes, even the IT experts also find it difficult to track and forecast the performance metrics of such rapid change in computer technology, where the limit is beyond the sky.

Storage in coming days

Many of us have already started considering different storage options than hard drive or other physical storage media. You will find every reason to save and store your files with online cloud storage, if you think in terms of security and accessibility of your data/information. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google have already started providing online storage facility to their users. Moreover, the regular storage limit of usual physical storage devices are upgraded from gigabyte to terabyte, even for our personal information/data storage purpose.

More crowd under the cloud

The concept of cloud computing is expected to put a significant impact in coming days. Besides of online storage facilities, cloud computing technology has started offering cloud based services and solutions. Even, the end user do not have to install the required software as they can get their access to programs, stored in the cloud. Many enterprise level software packages are now being operated through virtualization, as well.  Cloud documents which could benefit you include what Technovate Translations is doing bilingually for business documents which is translating without machine

Social revolution

We have already seen how social media platforms are becoming the most potential business hub for both entrepreneurs and small or mid-sized business. We might not have to wait more to see the successful and effective migration of e-commerce and social media platforms. The rise and revolution of social media network has changed our approach and activities from both personal and professional aspect.

Portability and connectivity

Portable computers are not enough for many of us, especially when we are searching for ultra-portable computer/computing devices. Desktop computers become very limited for personal purpose usages, and we are now getting more used to with tabs and smart-phones. Some smart-phones are now even more powerful than other desktop PC or laptop. Netbooks, tabs, smart phones and ultra-books are going to be our regular computing devices in coming days.

Connectivity is another issue which hasits leverage impact to shape the era of next generation computing. We need to share our information and resources more frequently than ever before.‘Stay connected and stay updated’ is now become the motto of life for many of us. We are also expecting more speed in data transfer rate with next generation computer architecture.Moreover, we need to sync our resources with different computing devices in a frequent manner and this is not possible without seamless connectivity.

Processing capacity and capability

There was a time when applications were developed by considering the computing capacity of the processor, and the developers didn’t get enough room to explore their potentiality due to the limitation of processing power. The processing capability of recent computers and computing devices are sufficient enough which let the developers to come up with excellent and innovative apps.

The concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to give a different computing experience and shape the next generation computing, as well. Both personal and business computer and computing devices will become more intelligent and interactive than ever before. Virtual reality will become part of our reality and this will bring a dramatic change in computer games industry. Research and development processes will get new dimension, as the next generation computers will assist the researchers with smart, intelligent and mighty processors. It is not the question whether we adopt such advancement in computer technology, rather the question is how well we can integrate and implement such advancement in our life.

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