VR Headset

Things to do with your VR Headset

The future is here. We live in an exciting word of virtual reality. It all started with Google Glass and currently we are witnessing a lot of competition in the market…

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VidOn Player

VidOn Player: Free HD Media Player for Android and iOS

Smartphones and tablets are great media consumption devices. Nowadays smartphones are coming with larger screen so it is becoming perfect for watching videos and movies. However, without a good media…

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Backup Android Apps

Top 5 Backup Apps for Android

I’ve been using android for quite few months now and backup apps are definitely one of those apps which can help you a lot if you love flashing your phone…

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Cloud Print

Printing from Android Devices with Google Cloud Print

Cloud Print, You may be new to this term but I’ll explain you now. Printing word documents does seem like a thing of the past. But printing forms an essential…

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10 Must-Have RPG Games for Your Android Device

Android Smartphone have fast emerged as powerful gaming consoles, and there are a lot of entertaining RPGs available for the Android platform now. RPG stands for Role Playing Game, and…

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