10 Must-Have RPG Games for Your Android Device


Android Smartphone have fast emerged as powerful gaming consoles, and there are a lot of entertaining RPGs available for the Android platform now. RPG stands for Role Playing Game, and such games can be played 1 or more players. Every player has to play the role of a character assigned to them, leveling up as he complete various missions in the game. We take a look at some of the top role playing games that you absolutely must have if you own an Android device.

Order and Chaos online

This game comes under the category of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Order and Chaos is one of the very few mobile RPG games that offer a full immersive 3D game experience. This is an online multiplayer game so you can compete or collaborate with other gamers. Before beginning to play, you must create a character that belongs to one of the 4 races offered by the game: Humans, Elves, Undead and Orcs.

The game is not free, and requires a payment of $6.99 to download, and then a monthly subscription to play.

Kingdoms Live

In contrast to Order and Chaos online, this game is a text based role playing game. Your characters start as a common peasant in the game and the aim is to advance to the level of King. You can accomplish by taking on various tasks and missions and successfully completing them. As in any other RPG, you gain experience and your character levels up. This is an online multiplayer game, so you can compete with other players. This game is free to download on the Google Play store.

Zenonia 4

The Zenonia series of RPG games has been quite successful on both Android and iOS platforms. The fourth installment in this series lets players to play the character of Regret and fight enemies. As compared to the previous installments, Zenonia 4 sports better graphics and more exciting action. Zenonia is essentially based on anime, and therefore RPG lovers who are into anime too are going to love this game. Zenonia 4 is free on the Google Play store.

Inotia3: Children of Carnia

This game follows the organized battle party systems and to complete missions, you must form a team or a party. You have 6 races to choose from when you are creating your character. Characters can purchase and equip items such as weapons, accessories and armor. This game is available free of cost on the Google Play store.


 Battleheart lets you fight against monsters to protect your kingdom. The salient features of this game are very simple controls, customizable party, a huge variety of characters to choose from, and entertaining boss fights. The aim is to survive the battle arena as long as possible, and gain experience in the process.

Monster Galaxy

In Monster Galaxy, you’re supposed to catch monsters and train them to fight for you. Every monster has a particular skill that you can use in battles. There are 125 monsters to be collected.


In Six-Guns you play the character of an outlaw in the Wild West, and fight against other cowboy, vampires and robbers. The game features gorgeous graphics and crisp animation. This game is available free of cost on the Play store.

Third Blade

As the name suggests, Third Blade is a sword fighting based game. The game enables you to choose from a variety of swords and sword types. You can choose whether to wield one or two swords, after which you must kill monsters to level up and earn money to buy better swords.

Star Legends

Star Legends is a sci-fi themed game where you travel in the space and complete various missions. You can choose to be Operative, Commando or an Engineer. The game is free to download by requires an active internet connection to play.

Pocket Legends (3D MMO)

This game lets you choose from 3 different character types, distinguished by their strength and damage. You can either be Ursa Warrior for strength, avian archer for range and Elven enchantress for magical damage. Pocket Legends is free to download and play.

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  1. Thanks for the informative post Anirudh. Being an RPG fan since the playstation days, looks like I have to upgrade my phone now because I am missing out with a lot of cool games right now.

    I thought phones cannot support these type of games. But how wrong was I when I saw this post. Seems like technology is moving very rapidly, don’t you think so?


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