Top 5 Backup Apps for Android

Backup Android Apps

I’ve been using android for quite few months now and backup apps are definitely one of those apps which can help you a lot if you love flashing your phone with different custom ROMs. Not just that, if you accidentally delete stuff from your android phone, these backup apps can come handy to restore the deleted stuff. Accidents can happen anytime and therefore I would strongly recommend you to take a look at these 5 best backup apps for your android phone or tablet.

Please note that some of these android applications that I’m listing below may also require rooting. You’re advised to check that in the description before installing them.


Let me make it clear for you. This wonderful piece of software doesn’t require you to root your phone. And, I’m sure this is definitely useful for those people who want to stay away from the rooting and etc stuff. So, the carbon is the most powerful app that can come handy in taking backup of SMS, phone logs and most importantly apps or games data. However, if you’re looking for something more advance, you should seriously start rooting your phone.

Easy App Toolbox

As the name suggest, [starlist]this app comes up with pretty neat tools that can help you in managing your phone in a better way. The backup tool is one of the features that this app incorporates cleverly. This is perhaps one of the best alternatives available to the carbon app and it does pack more features than what Carbon offers. So, what’s the stuff that this app can help you in saving? Easy App toolbox can save or backup your apps and games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t backup your text messages or even contacts. I hope they will add these features as the development progresses.[/starlist]

Titanium Backup

As far as I know, the Titanium backup app requires you to root your phone. However, you can confirm the same from the description of the app from play store. This app is one of the oldest backup apps available for the Android. The free version is enough to keep your data alive but if you’ve $6 to spend on an app like this, it is worth every penny.

Super Backup

Super Backup is the one stop solution to backup your apps, games, text messages, contacts, call logs, calendars and bookmarks. Well, there’s big list over here that it can backup.  You can backup this stuff on SD card, computer or even Gmail. This app doesn’t require you to root your phone but some of the features may require your phone to be rooted.

The free version of this app is very much consistent and useful if you can bear with the advertisements. Else, you can buy the paid version for $1.99 and get rid of these ads completely.

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud backup offers free 1 GB of online storage to backup all your stuff. You can definitely increase this storage to up to 8 GB by referring your friends to their service. So, what does this app offers? This app allows you to backup apps data, calendar, music and even contacts to the Amazon AWS cloud. You don’t even need to worry about the security as it is protected by the 256 AES encryption.

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