Things to do with your VR Headset

VR Headset

The future is here. We live in an exciting word of virtual reality. It all started with Google Glass and currently we are witnessing a lot of competition in the market with Oculus rift and Microsoft HoloLens being the most popular. The oculus rift is cross platform as it can run various operating systems. HoloLens though runs windows 10 so developers can chime in and make universal apps that run across various screens. We have been seeing an influx of apps recently for HoloLens which is quite amazing. Microsoft is investing a lot on virtual reality and they seem to be truly believing in it. You also have Google Cardboard, Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive among other VR headsets available for consumers today.

Things to do with your HoloLens

  1. Holotour: This app basically teleports you to a city or culture on the face of earth. You get to choose where you want to head. The voice guides you to a specific place you chose and even lets you talk in the native language of that place. It is literally mind blowing. This is such a cool app you want to check it out.

Microsoft HoloLens

  1. The hologram app: HoloLens VR has this cool app where you get all the 3d holograms which you can play around with in your living room. It just feels natural and believable. That’s how close we are to virtual reality and augmented reality.
  1. Experience the whole Windows 10 on HoloLens: Microsoft made Windows 10 with virtual reality in mind. It just fits in so well. When you have your HoloLens goggles on your eyes, it just feels like you have a huge 32-inch 3D screen in front of you and you get to move around, place apps all over your real room and just have astounding amount of fun. The app store has quite a lot of apps made for HoloLens and some of them are paid apps, which is surprising. You also have the integration of Cortana, the virtual assistant to help you out which is spectacular.

Let us focus our attention to Oculus Rift now that we know HoloLens is amazing

Oculus rift was built with gaming in mind whereas HoloLens was built with future computing. They both are different in this matter. Let’s have a look at some of the games and cool things you can do with the rift.

Oculus Rift

  1. You can play some of the most fabulous games made ever such as Minecraft, Elite dangerous, Don’t let go, The climb, Eve Valkyrie. You can still play all those games without VR but VR gives you an immersive and unbelievable experience.
  1. There are quite a few horror games as well which are not for the faint hearted as they can really scare you with such immersive quality. You are too up close with the game. The experience is as if you are truly inside the game. That’s the whole point of VR by the way.

If you’ve got yourself a VR headset, you could try the above mentioned apps, games and get a break from real life, and immerse into virtual experience. If we’ve missed covering any app, let us know in the comments below.

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