Printing from Android Devices with Google Cloud Print

Cloud Print

Cloud Print, You may be new to this term but I’ll explain you now. Printing word documents does seem like a thing of the past. But printing forms an essential part of the computer world. It’s a well known fact that most of the offices use printers to take prints of the receipts or bills and a lot more official documents. But even though most of the offices and homes are moving to digitalized world, there are times when we have to print! Printing requires a PC or a laptop.

Android Cloud Printing

But with developments in technology this task becomes a lot more easier. We can easily print anything right within a single click with our mobile phones or tablets.

Here I introduce a cool tool called Cloud Printing. This technology is brought by Google and makes printing easier. It combines your Android device, Google Chrome and your printer together.

You can use this service to print anything you want. You just have to open the “Share” section in your android device and click on a single option to print the files. Seems like a pretty easy task, right? You might be familiar with the Share option, as you do to share files through bluetooth among your friends. There are many Cloud Print Services, you can also try HP Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Printing

Introduction to Cloud Print:

 There are few things that you must know about this service. There are two types of printers: Cloud Printers require your PC to be on for printing the files while the Cloud Ready Printers do not require your PC to be on. You can know more about these two types here ( ). Check that link to know whether the printer you own is a Cloud Printer or Cloud Ready Printer. You can visit the link to get Google Cloud Print Help.

Setup Cloud Print in your PC:

Open your Google Chrome browser on your PC and click on the “Settings” button at the top right. Click “Show advanced settings” and scroll to the bottom of the page.There you can see an option to add your printers. Click the button and follow the on screen instructions. That’s it, the work with your PC is over now.

Cloud Print Android App installation:

And now, take your Android device and install the app called “Cloud Print“. Install any one of your choice and then open any file on your Android. Click the “Share” button to see “Cloud Print” option. Click it and you can easily print the file. You can also buy some Cloud Print Storage to get extra storage and store more files.

Please note that your computer has to be in the ON state if your printer is a Cloud Printer. If it is in OFF state, the file will print the next time you switch on your PC. If you printer is a Cloud Ready Printer, then you can easily print the file even though your PC if OFF.

Well, see the below image, you can understand the whole article in a single image:

Cloud Print

That’s it, You gained a new information, now attend a meeting, print files from there and collect the documents at home. Share your views on Android Cloud Print Technology in the below comment form.

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