iOS 8

iOS 8: Is it a Worthy Update?

Apple’s latest iOS 8 update can’t really be considered the best of updates considering the amount of bugs and flaws it had. Multiple bugs, like slow WiFi and terribly fast…

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VidOn Player

VidOn Player: Free HD Media Player for Android and iOS

Smartphones and tablets are great media consumption devices. Nowadays smartphones are coming with larger screen so it is becoming perfect for watching videos and movies. However, without a good media…

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iPad Keyboard

Top 5 Benefits of Using an iPad Keyboard

If you are like many iPad users, you may get frustrated trying to write using the iPad built-in touch screen or experience pain in your wrist or hands after extended…

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Android Tablets vs iPads

6 Reasons to choose Android Tablets over Apple iPads

No doubt Apple had introduced tablets to world three years back, but other leading operating system later entered the market. Windows, Blackberry and Android launched their own tablets in collaboration…

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Kids with iPad

5 Apps for teaching your Children about the World

Introducing young children to the world is an exciting time.  These free apps will help enhance children’s learning experience while remaining convenient for parents. You can accompany your small children…

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