5 Apps for teaching your Children about the World

Kids with iPad

Introducing young children to the world is an exciting time.  These free apps will help enhance children’s learning experience while remaining convenient for parents. You can accompany your small children on their digital explorations of the larger world around them by checking out these fun free apps for Mobile phones.

Pocket Frogs

Bright and interactive, this free app is simply charming; even adults are sure to like it!  Introduce young children to the colorful habitats of pond creatures.  Kids can decorate customized habitats for their frogs and create a wonderful world for the creatures in their collection.  They can also view the habitats of their friends.  It’s a terrific app for gently introducing young children to the animal world.

Kids with iPad

Scribble Light

Perfect for on-the-go artists, this ingenious app turns a smartphone into an interactive canvas where little ones can create masterpieces!  Introducing young children to the world of digital art is a great way to encourage their creativity.  Of course, the fact that it is sure to keep them busy while you’re waiting for an appointment, stuck in traffic, or at the end of a long grocery store line is an added layer of excellence.

iStory Books

This fabulous free app introduces children to the wonderful world of literature.  Books come with a voice-over to read to children as they view the pictures.  They’ll develop listening skills while hearing entertaining stories.  It’s perfect for car rides or rainy days when a story will help pass the time!  New stories are added periodically; children are likely to be eager to get to new installments and parents are likely to see their children’s love of literature begin to grow.


The alphabet is easy to learn with these zany animal shapes that will keep young children entertained as they learn their letters.  Letter recognition is an essential part of early learning and this app is designed for early learners as young as two.  Moreover, this app also teaches children letter sounds so that they can master this important part of early education even before they enter kindergarten.  Since the app is cleverly designed to be fun, children don’t realize that they’re actually working hard to master their letters; yet, they’re likely to be alphabet masters before the other kids their age with this lovely little app.

The Opposites

This highly praised app is geared to expand children’s vocabularies.  Moreover, it is designed with levels so your child can advance into ever more difficult territory.  How many first graders know the word cautious or advantage?  This vocabulary-strengthening app is even fun for older children who might just find some of these words on the SAT someday.

While each of these apps is free, they are all educational in some way and will introduce children to the world of learning.  Convenient and fun, kids will likely be begging to use them.  Since the price it right, download them today and see just why they are beloved by a myriad of kids!

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