iOS 8: Is it a Worthy Update?

iOS 8

Apple’s latest iOS 8 update can’t really be considered the best of updates considering the amount of bugs and flaws it had. Multiple bugs, like slow WiFi and terribly fast drain in battery, were some of the bugs which were noticed within 5 days of the release of iOS 8 on about 50% of the Apple iDevices. As soon as the news of the bugs went viral, Apple hurriedly released another update, which is the iOS 8.0.1 update that further created problems in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, such as problematic network connection, and multiple errors in TouchID. Well, we hope the latest iOS 8.0.2 update crushes the bugs!

Major Changes in iOS 8:

Some people are further referring to iOS 8 as the best yet iOS update, probably because of the terrific update in functionality and navigation, which is introduced in the latest updates. It improves the quality of navigation in a very nice manner, allowing you to multitask more efficiently unlike before. Moreover, this new update is hiding loads of tricks and features in itself that one might not notice in daily life, but will benefit those who use iPhone as the sole lifeline for their professional work. Oh but of course, only once they master the arts of iOS 8! Furthermore, Apple opened its device to the makers of multiple wearables via HealthKit.

iOS 8 release

In the App Developer’s Eye:

The third-party app makers will be happy as well, considering that Apple has now granted them more access to the hardware, which has never happened before! This certainly calls for more customizability, and these new iPhones can be considered as the best iPhones yet, considering the amount of new features included in the newest update.

Even after the above stated facts and proofs, there is no denying the fact that iOS 8 is still not as customizable as Android OS. We believe that it never will be as customizable as Android, which was built open source and is still open source, unlike iOS. But of course, Apple should also maintain their reputation as the most “closed” brand in terms of Operating Systems. Apple is merely trying to make its devices be more interactive and easier to use, which is now being misunderstood by multiple people all over the globe as copying Android, which is certainly a false statement. Android lovers will as usual consider the latest update as way too late, and of course can come with the terrific-yet-not-so-funny iOS 8.0.1 jokes. But they should also know that the thing with Apple is, once Apple gets it right, it will be the best in the market again. Android has multiple features and flexibility at the cost of stability and complexity, whereas Apple is stable, easy to use, and now moving towards flexibility.

iOS 8 in iPhone

Once mastered, Apple will be the king once again, and will be on top of the market – if it isn’t already! And once Apple gets it right, we will need to consult the 10 tricks to master every new iOS feature!

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