Google High Paying Keyword

Top 10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords

Are you jealous to see all of your competitor’s sky high AdSense earning while you are just earning some pennies? Then this post is actually just for you. By just using this post…

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Top 3 Google AdSense Alternatives which Pays High

Top 3 Google AdSense Alternatives which pays High If you are looking for a Google AdSense alternative then either your account didn’t approved or you already had an account that got banned,…

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Google Earns Money

How Google makes Money

Everyone in the world who uses the internet , knows about Google. Google is one of the most used search engines in the internet. Google is popular due to its features such as Google Play, Maps…

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Blogging Traffic

The Real Effect of Traffic Exchange on Blogs

Aside from accessing Face book and Twitter, a lot of today’s generation is into blogging for various reasons. There are some who do blogs to document their travel while there…

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