Top 10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords

Google High Paying Keyword

Are you jealous to see all of your competitor’s sky high AdSense earning while you are just earning some pennies? Then this post is actually just for you. By just using this post correctly in your blog you can reach your blog into skylights with just a single click. Adwords Advertisers pay Google for their PPC marketing campaigns behind the scene. So the more they would pay for a certain keywords, the higher are your chance to make more money when somebody clicks out those ads on your blog. So have a look into the top 10 highest paying AdSense keyword below.

Top 10 Google Adsense Keyword :

  • Insurance ($55.92): Ya you are watching it real. This is one of highest paying keyword in adsense. 
  • Treatment ($47.18): The keyword Treatment is also paying a good amount when it comes to CPC.
  • Attorney ($47.17): Usually this kind of keyword pays a good amount to your Adsense dashboard.
  • Conference Call ($42.05): As we know this keyword will only work if you get click from US.
  • Recovery ($46.92): This keyword is usually chosen for huge database of software websites.
  • Electricity ($54.62): This will also work only with USA click.
  • Hosting ($29.91): We guess most of us are well known with this keyword. So make a good use of it.
  • Lawyer ($45.01): If you have a blog post about it then you are ready to grab the earning.
  • Donate ($42.02): This will not work untill you have a blog or site on this niche.
  • Cord Blood ($31.05): We know this sounds a kind of weird but it really pays.

So there we given the most wanted list of high paying Google AdSense keyword .Remember using  keywords that doesn’t suite your blogs posts and also doesn’t comes naturally could be a disaster for your blog. So do not use those just because they are giving high CPC till you have enough knowledge about it.

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