How Google makes Money

Google Earns Money

Everyone in the world who uses the internet , knows about Google. Google is one of the most used search engines in the internet. Google is popular due to its features such as Google Play, Maps and Adsense , etc.. As the internet users are increasing day by day , Google’s Earning is also increasing day by day.

Google Adsense

Google’s one of the best online products is Google Adsense, which helps the internet users to generate money online. You may think that Google gives us money for Google’s Ads, but what is the profit for Google ?, the answer is Google Earns More money than you earn through Adsense , yes. Google collects revenue from the advertisers and display their ads , when we reached our Adsense limit , Google sends money from their earnings and Google Makes more Profit. Do you know something ?

Google earns $120000 per hour or $2880000 per day !

Google Earns Money

Remember that Google is cleverer than you! , I’m saying this because , if you keep on clicking the ads on your blog or from your home or from different places, Google Finds you and will Ban your Adsense Account , so that you can’t even create a new Adsense account with the same email id. Then If you are interested in making money through blogging , I suggest you to use Google Adsense , because it is safer and easier to navigate than others.


Ad in Search Results

This is a thing that everyone can notice while browsing in Google. In the Google Searches you might see some ads at the top of the results or bottom of the results related to your keyword search. Have a look at below image

Ad in Google Search Results

This also a way which Google Earns very easily. Let me Give more explanation about it, Google gets some links from their clients , and they will add those links to search results which has the keyword , that is related to the Google’s client’s link. Example if you search Google for “Email Marketing Software” you can notice some links ad at the top of the search results related to your keyword in the search.

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  1. Great post Hari,

    But I think whats the actual use to write this post as it doesn’t inspire readers. And there are lots of articles available on this topic. It would be wise to write some thing unique. Hope you will take it positive. Thanks

  2. Very true, google has been banning adsense accounts alot recently. So becareful of mis clicking on your ads.

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