Top 3 Google AdSense Alternatives which Pays High

Top 3 Google AdSense Alternatives which pays High

If you are looking for a Google AdSense alternative then either your account didn’t approved or you already had an account that got banned, am I right? Well, this is the same case with most of the people these days. At one side, getting approved for Google AdSense has become quite difficult and on the other hand, many of the publishers who were using Google AdSense since last many years have got their accounts banned. There is only one reason why you don’t have a Google AdSense account and that is; you are not prepared. If you had one but it is banned then consider what you did wrong to get it blocked but if you never got approved at the first place then you are good for nothing mate. However, don’t get depressed or frustrated at what I’m saying because I’m here for your good. In today’s post, I’m going to share information about three best alternatives to Google AdSense that also pay good. Well, not as good as Google AdSense but you can make a living out of these alternatives for sure.


Infolinks is a little different from Google AdSense. In Google AdSense, you display ads on specified location of your webpage but in case of Infolinks, you don’t need to do that. Once you will get approved for Infolinks, they will provide you with a code that you should add to your website. After adding the code, they will analyze your website and in 24 hours, in-text ads will start showing on your website. This is how infolinks work. If you have use AdSense before then you will be disappointed looking at the payment that is issued by Infolinks but again, something is better than nothing and Infolinks is giving your something my friend.

Getting approved for Infolinks is not very difficult. I remember applying for an account there for a blog of mine that I started a couple of months ago. There was second to none traffic on my blog but I had a few posts up. They approved my account in a few days. You can withdraw as low as $50 if you have PayPal but in case of Bank Wire Transfer, you will need to reach the limit of $400.


Clicksor is another great service that you can use to display ads on your website. There are so many benefits of using their ads and I will not go into detail because still, I need to review another ad network. You can place ads inside your text or you can also use contextual banners on your website to earn some profit.

Once your account balance reaches to $50, you can withdraw it right away. You can earn some extra money by referring your friends over to this network as well.


The last name in our list today is AdBrite which is another reliable name, you can trust. It doesn’t show ads automatically like AdSense but it is more like BuySellAds where your customers get to choose what kind of ads they would like to show on your website.

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