The Real Effect of Traffic Exchange on Blogs

Blogging Traffic

Aside from accessing Face book and Twitter, a lot of today’s generation is into blogging for various reasons. There are some who do blogs to document their travel while there are those who use blogs to post their literary masterpieces. Others use it to post pictures while others use it to generate money through visits and clicks. Those who want to earn money may get desperate especially if they see in their statistics that they don’t have the needed number of visits to earn. They then resort to traffic exchange hoping that it will help generate visits to their blog and increase its popularity.

Traffic exchange is not hard to understand. In fact, it is so simple that people often fail to look at its bad effects just because it is convenient to them. In traffic exchange, people visit other websites that are included in the exchange. By doing this, they get to earn credits. They can then use the credits that they earned to make people visit their blog. This is how traffic exchange works and by looking at the process, there is no real “visit” since people will not look at the content of the blog. They just go there for the credits. In addition to this, here are other disadvantages of using traffic exchange on blogs:

  • Irrelevant images – when users join a traffic exchange network, they usually activate the network by placing widgets on their blog. The widgets will contain links and images that will take users to other sites of the network. Most of the time however, you will see images and links that are totally irrelevant to the content of the website and can even show semi-nude pictures. When people see this, this will affect the popularity of your blog.
  • Will distract readers – most of the time, traffic exchange banners will be placed in strategic places of the blog. Instead of reading the content of the blog, readers will instead focus on the banners and might even click them. Clicking the banners will take them to another blog and is really not helpful in making them read the content of the blog.
  • Visits to the blogs is not really a legitimate visit – if a user is selling a product or promoting a book or particular place, users will not be able to read this and will therefore defeat the purpose of the visit. When a visitor visits the blog, they are usually attracted to colorful images and will no longer focus on what is the content of the blog.
  • Adsense accounts will be banned – there have been reports that when traffic exchange banners are used with Ad sense, their accounts will get banned in the process. In their website, Google clearly mentioned that they don’t allow traffic exchange along with Ad sense. The reason could be is that users spam the ads with clicks with the same IP address and could be the basis for being banned.

Although traffic exchange offers a quick way to generate traffic to blogs, users must learn how the process works and the underlying operations when using the tool. To avoid problems especially when involving Ad sense accounts, it is best to keep away from traffic exchange and instead use traditional search engine optimization ways of promoting a personal blog.

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