Powerpoint Presentations

Tips to create Effective Powerpoint Presentations

To have a successful PowerPoint presentation there should not be more than 10 slides. Because it is basically done to lower the content and present it in a short way…

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Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition Review

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition Review The rise of tablet PCs has threatened the existence of mainstream PCs, but that has not discouraged manufacturers from bringing high-end models to the…

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The Best PC Strategy Games from the Last 10 Years

Despite increasing competition from multiple gaming forms available on the current market, the strategy game has demonstrated that it has an enduring popularity, a community of gamers and game publishers…

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Why is it Important to Recycle Technology?

When most people think of recycling, technology isn’t one of the areas that often come to mind. Yet recycling technology is rather important; and for a variety of reasons. If…

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boot netbook using USB

Boot your Netbook using USB

The Netbook market is going strong because these ultra potable laptops are extremely attractive to college students and business individuals. You won’t only find this laptop affordable, but also very…

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