The Best PC Strategy Games from the Last 10 Years


Despite increasing competition from multiple gaming forms available on the current market, the strategy game has demonstrated that it has an enduring popularity, a community of gamers and game publishers committed to advancing the genre. The last ten years has seen some of the most exciting and innovative strategy games available today. Here we take a nostalgic look backwards discussing the classic titles and providing a fantastic introduction to the world of strategy for any budding gamer.

 Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 

Without doubt the original Starcraft, released in 1998, is one of the most classic PC strategy games of all time. To this day Starcraft retains a significant community of fans who continue to play and enjoy the once groundbreaking strategy game. Therefore when Blizzard entertainment came to release the sequel to this classic strategy game back in 2010, they had a lot to live up to.

For most fans of the original game, Wings of Liberty was a resounding success. The game retains the groundbreaking real time strategy game play which made the original famous, whilst vastly improving on the graphics, gameplay and advanced storytelling features. Furthermore, the game sticks to an advanced yet similar narrative plot structure to the original Starcraft. Set in a distant future dystopian world, Starcraft pitches intergalactic warfare between a series of extraterrestrial species. Some die-hard fans may disagree, but if you’re new to strategy, skip the original and go straight for Wings of Liberty and you will be compulsively glued to the game for weeks.

Age of Mythology and Age of Titans 

The Age of Empires series and its associated spinoffs has been one of the most enduring, consistent and classic PC strategy games series of all time. The best in the actual Age of Empires Series (AoE I and II) were produced in the 1990s however there have been several successful and critically acclaimed spinoffs. Although many AoE enthusiasts may like to disagree on this point, Age of Mythology and its expansion Age of Titans are by far the best in the Age of Empires series. Meticulously researched and beautifully designed, this fantastic saga may be one for the fantastical, but it is most definitely one of the greatest strategy games of the last ten years.

Civilisation IV 

No review of the best strategy games in the last ten years would be complete without an entry from Sid Meier and his studio Feraxis Games. Although the entire series 1-5 are all fantastic, Civilisation IV, released in 2005, is still regarded by many as the perfect strategy game. The turn based empire building game includes a complex plot and a variety of intricate strategy tasks and requirement. Time covers several millennia as the gamer transforms not only his empire but the technology and society within it.

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  1. Wings of Liberty truly is a classic. Been playing it for many years and there are times when I get bored of it, but I can’t help going back to it again

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