Tips to create Effective Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations
  • To have a successful PowerPoint presentation there should not be more than 10 slides. Because it is basically done to lower the content and present it in a short way for easy understanding and making it unambiguous. Practice before you present. Give a brief overview at a start. One should make use of the various options available while making the PowerPoint slides. Each slide must contain a small amount of text that does not make the person stressful in reading it. The font size should be such that is easily viewed by the people. Avoid jamming the words into paragraphs. Make use of the clip art sparingly. Stop the moving text.

Powerpoint Presentations

  • The slides should contain important information regarding the title that is being given to that particular slide. It must have various graphs, charts or images for better grasping. All graphics should relate to your presentation. Keep it clean. Focus more on the keywords. The person giving the PowerPoint presentation should have a nice vocal so that his words are very clear for the people listening to him. He should do the proper movement of his body that helps in effective communication. He must have proper body language and eye contact with the audience which plays a very vital role.
  • There should be less number of words. Use of bullet signs makes text easy readable to the audience. One must use contrasting background colours, make less use of animation and sounds, and keep the background consistent. Do something surprising. Always check your grammar and spelling mistakes. Make use of proper transitions between the slides.
  • The person giving the presentation should not block the screen even when you are on a move and should also not face their back to the audience. Keep your audience busy by dragging to new activities. Many people make a mistake by reading ponderously the content displayed on the screen, which often makes the audience feel boor. One must avoid this by elaborating d content, adding a more of a scholarly idea and knowing the proper technique to end the presentation. Show your creativity. Do not download PowerPoint presentation from the internet.
  • The most important work by the presenter is the completing the story. He/she should not rush to the completion of the slide, this makes the audience confusing and they often find difficulty in recollecting whatever they have understood. The presenter should always deliver his knowledge by keeping a proper pitch and by sharing the information calmly. He/she should not flick in between.
  • If the audience is unaware about your topic then the presenter must be ready to solve their doubts. And in case the audience is aware of your topic so the presenter should not bluff around, because the audience will fast understand the presenter’s weak point and this can even result in a failure. Ask them questions. Get immediate feedbacks.  Get them involved in the communication at the same time.


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