MacBook Pro Apps

Top 5 Must have Apps for your Mac

Buying a MacBook has always been an amazing experience. Whether it is the functionality or the chances of getting fantastic apps, Mac is just an awesome pick. The notion that…

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iOS Android

Top iOS apps missing in Android

We know that iOS and Android are the two big players in the mobile market, and also in terms of number of apps available in their respective play stores, whereas…

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Best Free Selfie Apps which you must be using by now

Smartphones changed the way we communicate with one other. And the smartphones that we use right now are an iteration of the various changes the smartphone industry has made over…

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VidOn Player

VidOn Player: Free HD Media Player for Android and iOS

Smartphones and tablets are great media consumption devices. Nowadays smartphones are coming with larger screen so it is becoming perfect for watching videos and movies. However, without a good media…

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Backup Android Apps

Top 5 Backup Apps for Android

I’ve been using android for quite few months now and backup apps are definitely one of those apps which can help you a lot if you love flashing your phone…

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