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We know that iOS and Android are the two big players in the mobile market, and also in terms of number of apps available in their respective play stores, whereas Windows has a very less number of apps. Though, the quantity of Android apps beats iOS in number, there are still some curated iOS apps which are missed by the Android users. Believe it or not, there is an app gap between iOS and android. Let us take a look on five of the great iPhone apps missing from android. It’d be great if the app developers extend their product compatibility to Android too.


Sway is the evolution of PowerPoint. This newly designed app from Microsoft lets users create reports, presentations, newsletters and personal stories. One distinctive feature in sway is interactive content. It is just outstanding. You need to see the interactive content to believe it. Also, there isn’t a need to format, like in PowerPoint. That’s a huge advantage over PowerPoint as the users of the latter tend to use more time formatting their presentation. Sway automatically formats the presentation. Sadly, Microsoft has only developed this app for the web and iOS, leaving android users and their own windows mobile users far behind.

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If you are into podcats and your daily driver is an android phone, then you are definitely missing out on the best podcast player. It is minimalistic in design and gorgeous to look at. Some of the features it boasts are smart speed and voice boost. Smart speed lets you pick extra speed without glutches, which in turn reduces silence in podcasts. One huge advantage of this feature is you save a lot of time. The other unique feature of this app is Voice boost which boosts and normalizes volume refining the talk you are listening to. This app is unavailable for android.

Doorsteps swipe:

This app is real estate’s tinder. You can glance through various available real estate listings in your city and swipe through it. The app learns from your likings and dislikes and comes up with customized options next time you open it. It helps you skim through all the properties quickly and is a ground breaking app from the real estate industry. It is currently missing from android and we are yet to reach out to Doorsteps swipe to comment on the development of its android app.



This is the ultimate photo app. Built to replace the original iPhone camera app, this app is delightful to use and is extremely effective through its editing features. Whether you are a novice photographer or a seasoned one, this gives you the same results. You can transform your iPhone shots magically with a single tap. It’s all about taps. You can basically make a diamond out of your coal with this brilliant app. It’s not all about clarity though, as the app lets you edit like a pro with exciting features such as tone, vignette and removal of red eyes. Currently, we do not know whether they will make an android app in the future.iOS Android


The ultimate twitter app is presently only available for apple’s devices. It has some amazing features missing from tens of other twitter apps (both third party and official) such as read later, mute trends, people and hashtags, timeline sync for various apple devices. These exciting features make this app a premium one. One feature we love is the ability to mute people and trends. Also, there is landscape support and Split view multitasking in the latest update. No android app currently matches this astounding app and hopefully, tweetbot will be available for android in the coming weeks.

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