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Smartphones changed the way we communicate with one other. And the smartphones that we use right now are an iteration of the various changes the smartphone industry has made over the years. Users have come to make more and more use of functions and features that maybe weren’t even included in phones a decade back.

One of those features or functions is the increasing importance and usage of the front camera. Front camera was basically added in the feature phones as a way to communicate with each other better, but in recent times, it has become a make or break component of a phone. Why is that, you ask? That’s because the trend of taking selfies are at an all-time high. People love to commemorate occasions by taking a selfie, alone or with friends.

So, in this article, we are listing the top apps which are great for taking selfies.

Well, this is us. Making an awkward smile while posing for a Selfie 😛

But I already have a native camera app on my phone. Why do I need another app to take a selfie for me?
Well, the answer is because the native camera apps in phones aren’t that powerful. They make take great front cam shots, but they lack the power tools and the interface which make these apps a must have. So, if you are a selfie buff, you would not want to miss these apps!

Retrica (Free)

Almost everyone is using Retrica these days. Open up your instagram, twitter or facebook news feed; your friends might have added a photo with the retrica watermark. But what makes this particular app so in demand?

One of the reasons, is that it packs a bunch of powerful tools in its freeware version. Applying filters with this app is so easy and convenient. Through a large set of powerful tools, you can achieve the perfect selfie by directly shooting from the app and applying a host of vintage and soft filters and then share it on many social networks; all of this happens within the app. You don’t have to navigate to any other application to get the work done.
It also has a premium version which basically unlocks a lot of other tools and the power to remove the watermark, but if you are interested we recommend you try the free version first.

Perfect365 (Free)

When was the last time you had to import a photo on to your workstation and edit it via Photoshop? A lot of time maybe. Well, then this is the right app for you. Not strictly a selfie app, but it’s easy to use interface and a host of powerful tools differentiates this app from the rest and places it among the cream of the crop. You can edit portions of your selfie- mouth, hair, lips, eyes, eyebrows- through it so easily that even a kid or a newbie can use this app without much difficulty.

Line Camera (Free)

Line is a messaging app, isn’t it? Well, yes it is. But Line camera is much more than any other app from the makers of Line; editing selfies was never so much fun. You can add filters, stickers, add text, make a collage and even post stamps (from a collection of stamps, or you can chose your own) onto the picture. Like every selfie app, sharing is very easy on this app with a key integration for the Line messaging app. Oh, and did we mention that making collages was never so easy? You can easily decide the layout of the photo grid and add multiple photos, share them and you are good to go!

Selfie Apps
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YouCam (Free)

It has been regarded by many as the best selfie app out there. Why? Because it offers a non-existent learning curve, is suitable for beginners and packs in a host of new features while working out the flaws in the common features. Using YouCam, you can easily change or remove the background of the picture, and easily remove wrinkles, edit dark, uneven areas of your face and provide a common complexion to the photo. You can also shoot a video selfie, and decide whether you looked before you took a video selfie or after it. If don’t like to do all this work, you can automatically edit your photos using the trim option, which applies natural covers to your photo which are suitable, and beautifies your photo. Definitely a must try app.

FrontBack (Free)

FrontBack camera lets you take photos from both – the front and the rear camera- and combine them into a great and memorable photo. With more and more selfies being used to celebrate an occasion and such, FrontBack is a great tool when it comes to capturing those lively moments which you would like to cherish.
A great feature of this app is that you can add locations, and tag people in your photo, and then share it to various networking sites. So, the next time you are out on the beach celebrating with your mates, remember to use FrontBack app to capture and share those cherish able memories with your friends or family.

Selfie Word
Literally, Selfie means this xD

Well, we have listed the Best 5 Selfie apps, which are absolutely free except the in-app purchases 😀 But if you are aware of any other great app, do let us know in the comments. Spread the love!


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