Wireless Charging is the Next Big Thing

Wireless charging technology usually uses electromagnetic field as its base to transfer power to other devices without any physical contact with the same, and it is usually known as inductive…

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Apple Smartwatch

Evolution of Wearables in Healthcare

Being past the computer era, followed by phones and tablets, and now we’re witnessing the growth of wearable, and other technology accessories. As we know, wearables will the next big…

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Google Glass

Why Did Google Glass End up Failing?

Back in April 2013, Google stunned the tech world with a sensational wearable device that seemed to be cut out of a Hollywood science fiction flick. For up to three…

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Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens changes Interaction With Computers

There’s been a recent push towards virtual-reality with our computing technology these days, starting as long ago as 2011, though VR is by no means new. We’ve been flirting with…

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10+ Niches you must blog about in 2015

Niche is one of the most important things in the internet world. Be it for internet marketing, affiliate marketing or blogging, niche can play a crucial role in the success…

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