Expert Roundup: Future of Wearables

2014 has been the year that has introduced the concept of ‘wearables’ to a wide audience. Until now, wearables have been confined to the medical profession and the military. But…

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Bloks Modular Watch

Blocks: Modular Watch from the creators of Phonebloks

A customisable, modular smartwatch with mix-and-match features created by the creators of Phonebloks is the Blocks. Modularity played a vital role in modern computing. A desktop PC is a collection…

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Wearable Tech

Why Wearable Tech is Unwearable!

We love our tech. We adore the simple, clean lines of the iPod and the teeny-tiny ‘isn’t it cute’ness of the Shuffle. The act of swiping a touchscreen on our…

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Sony SmartWatch 3 Hands-on

Sony SmartWatch 3: Should you wear it?

The new Sony smart watch is more of a ‘sports watch’ than a ‘luxury wearable’. Sony is know in the market for its production quality and here they come back…

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