Facebook language

Find the Facebook Language used by a Facebook User

Facebook has become popular in all countries. Besides the large coverage, it has made the people to get addicted to it. Facebook act as a perfect social platform that lets…

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Social Gifting

Social Gifting – The New Social Media Trend in 2013

By 2012, social gifting has risen and many users are thankful to it. In 2013, sending online gift has placed in the new trends of social sites. There are absolute…

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Pinterest Marketing

Why Pinterest Shouldn’t Be Overlooked For Marketing

There are many people who are still wondering whether Pinterest will help them in their business. If you would like to get more traffic to your website from Pinterest account,…

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Facebook VS Pinterest

Pinterest – The Facebook Replacement and Ethics?

Facebook is not only a social website, it is a virtual country and the only example of the concept of “GLOBAL VILLAGE” that the WWW has made possible. Facebook has…

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facebook money

$ocial Media – Make Money From Facebook

If you asked anyone these days, they’d tell you that they’re social media experts by virtue of the fact that they made their own profile on Facebook. The mechanisms behind…

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