Pinterest – The Facebook Replacement and Ethics?

Facebook VS Pinterest

Facebook is not only a social website, it is a virtual country and the only example of the concept of “GLOBAL VILLAGE” that the WWW has made possible. Facebook has had a few predecessors viz. Orkut, myspace, hi5 etc. But none came to bringing people all around the world as Facebook. The addiction Facebook and its little brother twitter have created in today’s world is quite astonishing. Even celebrities have started socializing with fans through these websites and have added feathers to their fan following.

Facebook VS Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard where users can post or pin anything and everything they like from pictures, videos, portfolios etc… Their sole motive here is to build up their image and while doing so share the interesting things with other people. It is like climbing the social ladder while pinning things. As Tiffany Dow says “Pinterest is where ordinary men and women are going to ‘pin’ their ‘interests’.” It’s actually wonderful to see an ethical marketing process going on instead of the marketing spam sites that are advertised in dozens. Here are a few points that define the Pinterest:

1. Share interesting things:

Pinterest thinks that it is a virtual pinboard where one can share anything he/ she likes. The objective of Pinstrip is to bring together people keeping their interests as a base.

2. Is ethical:

Pinstrip discourages any sort of unethical marketing like posting advertisements of spam sites and marketing through wrong ways. Only God can save us from the spams, sometimes I feel the internet has more spam than info. *sigh*

3. Helps in building image:

Pinstrip lets its users post whatever they like except for lewd content, this enables the user to show his/ her interests and then such a person may be contacted by job hunters. Well it is quite a luring idea. I m opening my A/ C now!!!

Also when a user pins some object he/ she indirectly builds his/ her image, so that is icing on the cake.

4. Administer to Complaints:

If any one of the members faces any problems or registers any complaint, the administrative team looks into it soon and finds a solution. Well well well that is really Gooood….

5. Provides facilities:

Pinterest apps are available for Android, iPhone and Windows making it compatible with every device and every software. Thank God, I have all the devices to work on with the Pinterest. 😉

We now have Facebook and Twitter that have become such a success that sites like Orkut, Hi5 etc are long forgotten. Pinterest is also unique and can definitely become a replacement for Facebook. With such good features and facilities this sort of site is hard to resist. There are people on the Pinterest that are money minded and would do anything for money, but it is up to us to be ethical. Only with ethics one can survive. It is up to us to decide whether we go after a few thousands and come to know as spammers forever after or be ethical from the start and make millions in the future.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Tracy. She works as an evangelist at ranksignals and write about social networking websites and how we can use them to make our global identity. She loves driving and is big fan of Maruti Swift Dzire.

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