Social Gifting – The New Social Media Trend in 2013

Social Gifting

By 2012, social gifting has risen and many users are thankful to it. In 2013, sending online gift has placed in the new trends of social sites. There are absolute efforts that created this new category of business like by creating Facebook Gifts, Facebook provided a platform with millions of user, who played main role in making it successful and by sharing gifts with each other.

The social site companies without sending gift application are on destruction. But leading social sites like Facebook knows the importance of such application.

Social Gifting

Sending gift cards online:

Online sending gift cards applications can be found on social sites through which different occasions like birthday, valentine, etc., are wished by sending gifts of cards.

Online Gift Card Industry:

This industry has groomed much that according to a report, it has touched the heights by rising from 1.6 billion USD which is expected to be 5.8 billion USD in 2014.

eGift Social for cards gifts:

This industry is providing gifts of cards, for social site users.  Stores are created so the user can easily pick gifts of card. Selected cards can be forwarded to friends and family, through this platform. Email option is also provided and facebook link as well.

Starbuck Card Facebook Application:

This application is famous for the business of holiday cards. This application is only available in America and Canada, where users of facebook can buy card gifts and can send these gifts to friends and family members. These cards also have price that is from 5 USD to 500 USD. These cards are sent to surprise any friend on special occasions like birthday etc.

Amazon’s Gift Cards:

A lot of gifting cards can be found on the Amazon’s gift card creator service. As an introductory application and service, a 5 USD card is gifted to every member and it will be continue till first 10,000 members which can send gift cards to any 5 friends as well.

Karma, Facebook Gift:

Facebook famous gifts application is known as Karma by the users of Facebook. Anyone can write a greeting message on the timeline of friend. This application remembers the date of birth of the subscriber and before birth day, all friends and family member receive notifications regarding this occasion and they send their greeting messages as well.  Gifts can also be sent on special occasions like on valentine day, etc. There are amazing gifts which can be bought and sent to the person you want to wish and payment is charged when other member receives that gift.

Wantful with amazing Gift selection choices:

Most of the social sites and gift applications don’t allow user to provide choice of selection to the recipient too, because subscriber have to select one gift that can be sent to receiving person. But, this application is very amazing as it provides 12 choices to create a list of gifts and let the receiver chose the best one for him/her. Thus, instead of just accepting the gift option, recipient has also gift selecting choice.


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