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If you asked anyone these days, they’d tell you that they’re social media experts by virtue of the fact that they made their own profile on Facebook. The mechanisms behind using Facebook for businesses, however, are much more complicated.

Customer Service and Interaction

When a business creates a Facebook page, there is a tendency for that business to leave it untouched. What will accumulate after a period of time are a series of compliments, questions, and complaints. So why should you care about these if they won’t make you money? By interacting with your customers on Facebook, you show a dedication to customer service that increases customer satisfaction and reinforces brand loyalty. Conversely, a business that neglects its customers will

Crowdsourcing ideas

A very easy way to initiate feedback and utilise the extent of your customers’ creativity is simply to ask them, over Facebook, what ideas they have. Regardless of whether your company offers deals with real estate, simply initiating contact will yield great returns. And how will this make you money? You can save on expensive campaigns that don’t work out.


How does exposing your business to over one billion people sound? Too good to be true? It isn’t. As it turns out, Facebook is the most popular social networking website, and Mark Zuckerberg, its founder, is aware of this, which is why Facebook offers advertising. While the prices may be relatively steep, keep in mind exactly how widespread this exposure is.


You’re looking for different ways to constantly engage with your customer base while promoting your business at the same time, dual ends which don’t coincide all too often. A great way to achieve both at a small cost is to offer exclusive online rewards for your customers. This puts your business out on Facebook, while also rewarding your customers for their loyalty, which will, results in increased traffic.


Get customers talking with a competition. When there’s a prize on the line, an incredible prize that will interest more than your regular customer base, then you’ll tap into markets that you’ll have never before imagined. If the prize and press around it are good enough, you’ll get plenty of exposure by word of mouth alone, which is the best exposure that you can hope for.

Create an app

For the more technologically savvy, creating an app that is useful in everyday life is nothing short of a miracle for your business. Sure, you’ll get exposure around it, but, should your app be a hit, you can even expand into the mobile app business, and that means that you can slap a price tag on it and see money come in from your efforts. And that’s the easy part.

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